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Richmond Girls Softball Association awards up to six (6) scholarships per year to qualified applicants.


For more information, please contact

How To Apply

All candidates should review the eligibility requirements carefully and download  the application form by clicking on the link above.

Candidates must submit and ensure the delivery of the following documents by June 15:

  • The completed application form;
  • A letter from the school administrator or counselor certifying the candidate’s age, marks, character and ability, and participation in school activities;
  • A transcript of the student’s mark or, if Grade 12 marks are unavailable, a list of estimated grades can be submitted with a photocopy of the most recent report card;
  • A letter from a Coach, Manager, or RGSA Executive member indicating the candidate’s character, leadership, and participation in community activities;
  • A letter from the candidate outlining his or her:
    • contributions or service to the Richmond Girls Softball Association;
    • academic achievements and accomplishments;
    • contributions or service in your school or community;
    • reasons why the candidate feels that they qualify for the scholarship;
    • any additional information the candidate believes will assist the Scholarship Committee when considering the application.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the application is complete and that all required information, documents, and letters are enclosed.

All applications must be received by RGSA on or before June 15 to be eligible for consideration. 

Completed applications and all required documents should be mailed to:

Al Groff
Executive Director, Richmond Girls Softball Association
7731 Moffatt Road - Unit 5
Richmond, BC 
V6Y 3W6

Candidate Eligibility

To be eligible, a candidate must:

  • have been registered or affiliated with RGSA for at least three (3) years, AND currently be affiliated as a player, umpire, coach or involved in administration work for softball under the jurisdiction of RGSA;
  • be attending grade 12 and proceeding to a post secondary institution approved by the Scholarship Committee;
  • have a minimum “C+” average in his/her graduation requirements;
  • demonstrate support of RGSA by worthwhile contributions and/or service in the areas of umpiring, coaching and/or administration of the game of softball;
  • demonstrate good citizenship, character and leadership both in school and in the community;
  • complete the application in full and provide all required information, documents and letters by the application deadline in order for their application to be considered.

Candidate Selection

Applications will be reviewed by RGSA's Scholarship Committee; if necessary, outside independent adjudication will be sought.

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of academic standing, their contribution to RGSA, good citizenship, character, and leadership.

In selecting successful candidates, the Scholarship Committee will give additional consideration to a candidate who has demonstrated support of the Richmond Girls Softball Association by worthwhile contributions and/or administration of the game of softball.

The Scholarship Committee will not enter into any correspondence with the Scholarship applicant. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.

Successful candidates will be announced at the September Annual General Meeting of RGSA. Scholarships will be granted on the condition that funds will be withheld until such time as the recipient provides RGSA with proof of attendance at the post secondary education institution approved by the Scholarship Committee.