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2021 Season FAQs

03/06/2021, 12:15pm PST
By NadiaM

Richmond Girls Softball Association and Softball BC are committed to softball being played this season for all levels, under the directions set out BC Ministry of Health. We understand how much everyone would like to be at the ballpark this Spring and Summer and we are looking forward to being back outside having fun!  

Registration is currently open and you can sign up for this season here:

We will continue to share more information about the upcoming season as soon as it becomes available.

Will there be a softball season this Spring?

We are in the process of working with the provincial and municipal bodies to plan our softball season for 2021 and expect to be able to go ahead with the season.

Softball BC has published guidelines for the 2021 season here.

We are currently in Inning 1 Controlled Practice & Skill Development and hope we will be able to move to Inning 2 in the coming weeks.

When will the softball season start? Will it start in April?

Based on the information we currently have available, we anticipate starting our season in April.

This is dependent upon the status of ongoing BC Provincial Health Orders and the necessary approvals from ViaSport, the City of Richmond, and Softball BC.

We have plans in place to cover a variety of outcomes to enable us to be flexible and adapt as the situation evolves.

What will the format be this season?

Our goal is to ensure we are able to offer the best possible program we can while keeping everyone safe.

In accordance with the Softball BC guidelines, during Inning 1 we are able to offer practices in small groups. We are working on plans to offer outdoor practice sessions starting later this month.

During Inning 2 games, we will be able to play games between Richmond teams.

When we move to Inning 3, this season will be based around a cohort model - a cohort will consist of a fixed number of teams from RGSA and 1-2 other associations.

Does RGSA have a safety plan?

Yes - we have a safety plan for COVID-19. We will implement social distancing, tracking attendance, and additional sanitization of equipment at the park this season, as we did for the 2020 season.

What will happen if the season is delayed?

If the season is delayed for any reason, we will review the situation and will communicate additional information as soon as possible to all our members.

I would like my child to play this year, but based on economic circumstances due to COVID-19, I don't think it's financially feasible.

We recognize that the situation with COVID-19 has created financial challenges for many people.

We encourage you to contact for assistance - we can help address financial barriers to enable players to participate and enjoy the sport.

I have some questions or I would like to provide some feedback to RGSA, how should I do that?  

We recognize that many people will have questions during this time. We have a dedicated team of executive members and we are committed to responding promptly and honestly. 

Please provide your feedback here or contact a member of the RGSA Executive for assistance

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