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Annual General Meeting - Election Results

10/15/2023, 5:45pm PDT
By NadiaM

October 23, 2023

The following members were elected at RGSA's Annual General Meeting


Date: October 23, 2023

Time: 7pm PT


Volunteer Positions


RGSA is a community sports association that is run by volunteers - the success of the programs we offer is dependent on the support and commitment of parents, guardians, and family members who volunteer their time.

The new position of Executive Director - Al Groff

The following positions were up for election or vacated prior to the meeting:

  • President  *David Yam*
  • 2nd Vice President  *Michelle Akizuki*
  • Treasurer  *Karen Campbell*
  • Secretary *Stacey Mathot*
  • U9 Coordinator  *Spencer Cook* appointed after meeting
  • U11 Coordinator  *Karen Yoshihara*
  • U17-U20 Coordinator  *Carlos Adan*
  • Women's Coordinator  *Tracy Sherlock*
  • Rep Chair  *Dave Lexier*
  • U13-U15 Coordinator *Emi Dyck*

The following 1 year non-voting potions were also filled:

  • Tournament Director - to be filled by committee
  • 1st Member - Fields Kelly Sagert
  • 2nd Member - Ball throw/photos  Dave MacNeil
  • 3rd Member - Trophies Tom Watt
  • Field Scheduler  Barry Riva
  • Gym Allocator  Al Groff
  • Scheduler Barry Riva
  • Rep Uniforms  Stacey Mathot
  • House Uniforms  Jane Cyr
  • House Committee Chair Dave Lexier
  • Communications (Media) Director Jasmine Marchant
  • Web Master  Bronwen Marchant/Nadia Marchant

Thanks to all who stepped up.

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