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    Final 50/50 draw 12:30 Aug 13

    Ticket #0124392 $20

    Still unclaimed.  Send picture of ticket and email address to to claim the winnings.

    All other draw prizes claimed.


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    WCSA has cancelled the U15 Boys event for 2023

    U15 Girls Western Canadian Softball Championships - August 10-13, 2023

    Congratulations to all of the teams attending this year's U15 Girls Western Canadian Softball Championships hosted by Richmond Girls Softball Association!

    Please read the following information carefully and complete the steps outlined below as soon as possible

    1. If you qualified for Westerns within your Province or Territory please continue to sign up. If you did not, please do not proceed as it is a closed tournament.
    2. Sign up with RGSA using the Register Team button below to confirm your attendance, provide team contact information, and submit your team photo. Please submit a list of names to go with the photo.

    Questions? please don't hesitate to contact for assistance.

    U15 Western Championship Teams

    Credit: JMALL Photos