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2020 Season Status FAQs

05/13/2020, 12:15pm PDT
By NadiaM

Richmond Girls Softball Association and Softball BC are committed to softball being played this season for all levels, if at all possible, given the direction set out by the BC Ministry of Health.

Based on the results of our recent survey, close to 90% of players are interested in a modified season to be held in June, July, August and/or September.  

We understand how much everyone would like to be at the ballpark and would like to assure you we are doing everything possible to enable our players to enjoy softball safely.

We are continuing to work closely with Softball BC and have been actively participating in working groups reviewing potential modifications to ensure social distancing in the game when we are able to return. We will share more details with you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we would like to share answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.

We are available to help if you have any additional questions or concerns; please reach out to us if you need to.

Will there be a reduction in registration fees if we play a summer season?

When we have a firm plan including a start and end date, we will evaluate the registration costs for a summer season and will provide partial refunds or a credit for next season if we are able to.

While some of our costs are fixed (such as indoor clinics, equipment, uniforms, and insurance) some are variable. We will seek to reduce the price to be in-line with the value of the experience and the length of the season we can provide.

If the season is cancelled altogether, what are the options for the registration fee that I paid?  

We will provide a refund for registration fees if the season is cancelled altogether, if requested.

Additional instructions about how to request a refund will be provided to all families if this situation arises.

I am hopeful we will have a season, even if its shortened, or delayed, what do I need to do?   

Nothing, other than, watch for future communications and keep your glove worked in, we will keep you registered and will provide more information as soon as possible.

If June 1 comes and goes, does that mean the season won't happen?  

No, every association across BC is looking at alternatives to run a season for 6-8 weeks into the summer and perhaps even the Fall.  

We recognize that children's sport is a critical part of our community and our goal is to help get everyone back playing in a safe environment as soon as possible.

I would like my child to play this year, but based on economic circumstances due to COVID-19, I don't think it's financially feasible.

We recognize that this current situation has created financial stress for many people. In some cases, softball activities may not be manageable.  Please contact for assistance.

Does RGSA need any additional help, given the ever-changing environment and the number of things that need to be done?   

We are always looking for passionate advocates who are willing to give up some of their time to help improve the experience for everyone. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us. We would love to have you join us.

I have some questions or I would like to provide some feedback to RGSA, how should I do that?  

We recognize that many people will have questions during this time. We have a dedicated team of executive members and we are committed to responding promptly and honestly. 

Please provide your feedback here or contact a member of the RGSA Executive for assistance

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